Rare species of ‘Tia fish’ was caught in the Bay of Bengal, know its specialty


Tia birds have a touch of color on the body, similar to the face of the pheasant – like the marine version of the pheasant. This rare fish was caught in the Bay of Bengal. And with this fish, curiosity peaks at this moment. Let's not know about this 'Tia fish'

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Tia fish are not usually native to the Bay of Bengal. They live in the far Indian Ocean. There are 95 species of fish in the Parrot fish Scaridae family. Tia fish can be seen roaming as far as the Philippine coast of the South China Sea.

They live in rocky lands, coral reefs, and hard-bottomed marine areas for shelter and food. They prefer algae growing on rocky surfaces as food. Its scientific name is Scaridae cetoscarus or blue parrot.

Algae has a lot of calcium in the diet of this fish For this reason, their fibers are very thick. The teeth of this fish are also quite smooth for extracting algae from rocks. Generally these fish are 12 to 20 inches.

This fish weighing a couple of kg was caught near Kuakata Beach in Barisal, Bangladesh. This fish is caught in the sea if there is a net for hilsa. The picture of the fish has gone viral since it was posted on social media.