'Ratan Kahar would go home today if there is no lockdown'


BanglaHunt Desk: Now a video on YouTube is trending, 'Rhinoceros flower'. Video of this song sung by King and Pavel Dev is now rotating in the mouth. But actually this song whose creation he is a man of Birbhum, name is Ratan Kahar. This song, given his writing and melody, has been heard for a long time. But the creator is not named in the video. There is no acknowledgment of gratitude. After much debate, now the only mention of the Bengali Folk Sense in credit.
Since its release, Neanderta has been divided into two parts of the genital flower. According to the section, the song has become increasingly popular. The other part of the speech hurt the mind of the Bengali. After all, the 'honey' king of this debate was silent. He finally opened his mouth. He told that he would go to Ratan Kahar's house if lockdown was not going on.

In the words of the king, 'I tried to find the name of the composer of that song but could not find it. On March 25, I learned that Ratan Kahar's name. I know he's a great artist. I also know his financial situation. I want to help him out with respect. ” Many call him the 'thief'. But he knows how to respect other artists. The king said he was ready to assist Ratan Kahar in any way even in this situation.
The first song was created by Ratan Kahar in the year 12. Take the Malay hill song to the sky. That's when it became quite popular. After that, Swapna took the song from Chakravarty Ratan and continued on his own. Ratan Kahar did not get recognition at the recording company. He has been associated with music since childhood. Once upon a time Alcap, Lotto did. It is from this source that this timeless song is created.

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