Ratan Tata shares pictures of school life, says Netpara more 'handsome' than Bollywood heroes


Ratan Tata, Business tycoon of India. Despite being one of the richest businessmen in the country, Ratan Tata, son of Jamshedji Tata, is known to be very shy in private life. From time to time he shares various events and pictures of his childhood. Which does not take long to become viral. He shared a picture of his school life on social media.

Even before this, several pictures of Ratan Tata have gone viral. Many netizens have commented after seeing the pictures of his youth. He was so handsome that he could beat any superstar of Bolipara. Recently, Ratan Tata shared a picture of school life 65 years ago, in which netizens have the same comment. He wrote in the caption of the photo, he remembered two friends Lo and Rudy. So he shared a picture of school life.

The closeness of the ungrateful man in his personal life can be seen from his social media. Recently, Ratan Tata shared a picture of a smiling face sitting on his ground and wrote in the caption that he has just seen that many people like him on his page. When he joined Instagram, he never expected this great online family to be so big Thank you so much for being a part of the Instagram community and having the opportunity to learn

After this post, a woman caressed Ratan Tata on Instagram and called him Chatu. “Congratulations,” he wrote. Netizens could not accept his comment. Trolling begins. But Ratan Tata took it easy. “We all have a child in our minds,” he wrote to netizens So treat that girl with respect. 'Needless to say, this humility and politeness is Ratan Tata's real asset.