Raveena Tandon’s passion for Ajay Devgan and the reason for her breakup with Akshay, these things will surprise you


अजय देवगन के लिए रवीना टंडन की दीवानगी और अक्षय से ब्रेकअप की वजह, ये बातें कर देंगी हैरान

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Bollywood Meeting of hearts and getting separated together has become a very common thing in the industry. Today’s stars come into relationship, then even after breakup, they do not keep bitterness in their hearts for each other. Ex-couples are now also seen working together. But these things were not so common in the 90s. Bollywood veteran actress Raveena Tandon She also fell in love with him, but after being cheated in love, she went away from those people.

Today we are going to tell you 5 big things related to Raveena’s love life. Raveena dated Ajay Devgan before Akshay Kumar. But at which point her relationship with Ajay ended, it became very difficult for the actress to come out of it.

1- Raveena Tandon’s heart fell on Ajay Devgan after stepping into the Bollywood industry. Ajay and Raveena worked together in the film Dilwale. The pair of both had won the hearts of the fans. Ajay and Raveena came closer after this film. But soon Ajay’s heart started beating for Karishma. After which a rift started coming between the two.

2- There was a lot of fight between Ajay and Raveena after increasing closeness with Karisma. Both had fiercely fired against each other. Although Ajay always declares these news as false. Not only this, Ajay even told Raveena to get her brain treated. Raveena had become very lonely after separating from Ajay. Not only this, he even tried to commit suicide.

3- After Ajay, Akshay Kumar entered Raveena’s life. Raveena did the film Mohra with Akshay Kumar. On the sets of this film, the love between the two kept on increasing. But this love of the actress ended on the set of the second film with Ashraya. During Khiladi Ka Khiladi, Akshay Kumar’s jokes started getting more towards Rekha.

4 – Even after repeated refusal, Raveena found Akshay and Rekha partying together late at night one day. After which his heart broke again. If reports are to be believed, Raveena had freed herself from that relationship by breaking her engagement with Akshay. After separating from both the stars, Raveena never tried to go back to them.

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5 – Now after 20 years, due to professional commitments, Raveena and Akshay have also appeared together. However, the sourness of old grievances could not be seen between the two. Now both the stars have moved ahead in their respective lives.

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