RBI’s eye on banks, the world’s economic recession did not affect India


बैंकों पर RBI की नजर, दुनिया की आर्थिक मंदी का भारत पर नहीं पड़ा असर

On Thursday, RBI chief Shaktikanta Das said at the Global Summit of Financial Resilience that Indian banks were not affected by the global recession.

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Reserve Bank of India i.e. RBI has started closely monitoring the business model of Indian banks. On Thursday, RBI chief Shaktikanta Das said this at the Global Summit of Financial Resilience. During this, he said that the ongoing economic recession in the world has not had any negative effect on Indian banks.

He said that India’s financial system is completely safe from the recent developments in America and Switzerland. Shaktikanta Das said that the Indian banking system still remains flexible. Banks of India have not yet been affected by the global economic crisis. He said that RBI will continue to work to strengthen the Indian financial system in the future.

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Indian banking system strong

In the Global Summit, the RBI Chief said that the Indian financial system is currently untouched by world developments and remains strong. RBI has given this statement at a time when the fear of economic recession is spread all over the world. Recently many banks of America have come under the grip of this recession. First of all, America’s largest Silicon Valley bank came in its grip and drowned. After this, one bank after another went on sinking and this incident created a situation of recession in the financial sector of America and Europe.

RBI is committed to strengthen

During this, he said that he said that shocking situations can happen anytime in the financial sector. Because everyone around the world is making financial policies by learning from the recession. He has asked the banks to remain alert. However, during this time RBI will continue to work to strengthen the country’s financial system.

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