RCB vs KKR: Not a match in Bengaluru, there will be a ‘superhit match of six’, eyes will not go away!


RCB vs KKR: बेंगलुरु में मैच नहीं

Most Sixes in IPL 2023: Faf du Plessis is on top with 25 sixes in terms of maximum sixes inside IPL 2023. Glenn Maxwell has 23 sixes after him. And Rinku Singh is just below both of them with 17 sixes.

New Delhi: There will be a storm at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru today. This storm will be fascinating for the people watching this match, but it can blow the senses of the players, especially the bowlers playing in it. This is because Kolkata and Bangalore Today there will be a superhit fight of six, not a match between.

You must be thinking how so? So tell that out of all the sixes that have been hit so far this season, maximum sixes have been hit at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Apart from this, the batsmen who have hit maximum sixes in this season so far will also be in the field together today.

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So far 102 sixes have rained on Chinnaswamy Stadium

After 35 matches played so far in IPL 2023, a total of 531 sixes have been hit, out of which 102 sixes have been hit at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Apart from Chinnaswamy, there is another such stadium on Narendra Modi Stadium, where maximum 86 sixes have been hit.

Now the ground where maximum number of sixes have been hit, if a century of sixes has been completed in half the journey of the tournament, then runs will be showered on it. And, something similar will happen today when not one but three Sixer Kings will land together.

Du Plessis, Maxwell and Rinku will be in the field today

These three batsmen are the ones who have hit the most sixes in IPL 2023 so far. One of them is Rinku Singh of Kolkata Knight Riders and the other two are Virat Kohli’s friends i.e. Faf du Plessis and Glenn Maxwell.

At present, Faf Duplesey is on top with 25 sixes in terms of hitting maximum sixes inside IPL 2023. Glenn Maxwell has 23 sixes after him. And Rinku Singh is just below both of them with 17 sixes. Meaning, if you look at it like this, RCB looks heavy on KKR in today’s match by 2-1.

Who will win in the triangular match of six?

Anyway, in cricket it is said that the numbers that speak are usually true. If Faf Duplesey and Glenn Maxwell are ahead in the race for sixes, it is because of their good form. Faf du Plessis is the highest run scorer of this season after playing 7 matches. He has 405 runs in his name.

Not only this, there have been 9 century partnerships so far this season, in which 5 are related to RCB and Faf du Plessis has been associated with these five partnerships. The special thing is that out of these five partnerships, he has done 3 with Maxwell, who has scored 253 runs after playing 7 matches.

there Rinku Singh His strength is that he scores a lot of runs in the last 4 overs. He has no match in this matter. The 233 runs he has scored after 7 matches, he has scored most of his runs in the last 4 overs only. Now in the end, when runs rain, then sixes are hit hard. So just be ready today to see the superhit fight of six between these 3 batsmen.

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