RCB VS PBKS: Punjab became helpless in front of Siraj’s edge, Bangalore people said – ‘Why didn’t you shake…’


RCB VS PBKS: सिराज की धार के आगे पंजाब हुआ लाचार, बैंगलोर वाले बोले-

The 27th match of IPL 2023 was played between Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore. In this match, Siraj kept Punjab devastated in his spell. Seeing this performance of Siraj, the fans of Bangalore are very happy.

Siraj’s tremendous bowling

Image Credit source: Twitter/@ArunTuThikHoGya

As the caravan of IPL is moving forward, there is a tinge of excitement in it. A different level of excitement is visible in every match. Seeing these forums, it is not understood at once that on which side the camel will sit. Here sometimes a bowler changes the course of the match, and on the other hand many times the match batsman breathes life into the match with his innings. Now look at the 27th match of IPL 2023 between Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (PBKS vs RCB) where Punjab got battered in front of Siraj’s sharp bowling.

In this match, Mohammad Siraj not only showed amazing with the ball but also created mutiny in his fielding. From the powerplay itself, Siraj wreaked havoc on Punjab and did not rest until he completely destroyed Punjab. Siraj took four wickets for 21 runs in his four over spell and all these wickets came at a time when Bangalore needed the most. The fans of Bangalore are very happy to see this performance of Siraj. #Siraj is trending top on Twitter. Fans are giving their reactions with this.

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See the reactions of the fans here

Siraj’s entry in the dressing room

If you ask then you will get wicket

After two successful reviews

condition of fans

Siraj with new ball

after taking four wickets

out of dinda club

new king of the red army

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