#RCBVSLSG: By defeating at home, Bangalore equalized with Lucknow, fans said – this is a match worth money


#RCBVSLSG: घर में हराकर बैंगलोर ने लखनऊ से किया हिसाब बराबर, फैंस बोले- ये है पैसा वसूल मैच

Funny memes made on RCB’s victory Image Credit source: Twitter/@ShivamAgarwalUK

In the 43rd match of IPL, Bangalore defeated Lucknow by 18 runs. If seen, this match was special in many ways, which RCB won by entering the house of Lucknow. In this match, Faf won the toss and decided to bat first and then along with Kohli, he got the team off to a good start. Both scored 42 runs in the power play without losing a wicket. It seemed that Bangalore would give a big target to Lucknow but soon after both Faf and Kohli were dismissed. After which the cards of Bangalore collapsed. The result was that Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 126 runs losing 9 wickets in 20 overs.

Chasing a small target, the team of Lucknow Super Giants looked confident but their start was very poor. You can guess this from the fact that the Supergiants lost 5 wickets at the score of 38 and this process continued till the end. The result was that the Supergiants returned to the pavilion after scoring 108 runs in 19.5 overs and with this RCB settled their accounts.

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to support the king

RCB overpowered Gambhir Sena

revenge is complete

ten year old enmity

no passion today

All this in a low scoring match

golden arm of power play

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