Read Hanuman Challisa to get rid of crisis, happy rhythm will return to life

BanglaHunt Desk: It is customary to recite Hanuman Challisha on Tuesdays in every Hindu house. It is said that Hanuman Challisa is regularly recited in the house, the family is blessed with Hanumanji i.e. Bajrangbali. Bajrangbali is usually worshiped in every house on Tuesdays.

Even on Tuesdays and Saturdays, many read Hanumal Challisha. It is said that if one recites Hanuman Challisa every day, especially at night, one gets unprecedented results. Hanuman Challisa is an extraordinary creation of Goswami Tulsidas.
Hanuman Challisa should be recited to remove all the evils and sins in this world. People of any age, young and old can recite Hanuman Challisa.

But now know some good aspects of reciting Hanuman Challisa, so that you and your family will be well. ‘Sankat Mochan Sri Hanumanushtak’. It is said in a mantra of Hanuman Challishar that chanting the mantra of Bajrangbali removes all the obstacles of a person. The way to overcome all obstacles becomes easier.

So whenever you are in danger or face any obstacle, of course chant this ‘Sankat Mochan Sri Hanumanushtak’ mantra in your mind, all obstacles will be removed.

If Saturn ever looks at you, then nothing in life goes well. If Saturn has an effect on life, then there can be no good in the world. So read Hanuman Challisa regularly to get rid of this effect. By chanting its mantra, the Saturn phase will begin to disappear from your life and peace will come down in your life.

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