Real Madrid footballers and coaching staff will now be paid after Barcelona because of Corona.


Spanish Football Club is on the way to Barcelona, ​​another Spanish football club, Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos, Belara, have agreed to cut their salaries after Corona.

The Corona virus has had a huge impact in Spain, with more than half a million people infected in Spain because of the Corona virus. This has had a huge impact on Spain's economy. Spain's popular football league La-Liga and the Champions League have been closed indefinitely due to the Corona virus. As a result, Spain's football clubs have had a huge impact. Real Madrid footballers have agreed to cut their salaries in the interest of the country to fight Corona.

The situation in Spain at the moment is very unlikely to start this season again. If the current season doesn't start, then every Real Madrid footballer's salary will be deducted by two percent, and if this season starts again, 10 percent will be deducted. In addition to the footballers, Real Madrid's coaching staff and head coach Zinedine Zidane have also decided to cut salaries. In addition, the Real Madrid club's basketball team is considering a pay cut.

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