Rear leaked again! Sara Ali Khan was with Sushant on the Bangkok trip


Banglahunt Desk: Rhea Chakraborty is being caught lying one after another. Sushant Singh Rajput (sushant singh rajput) case, he is under pressure as the days go by. In a recent interview with an all-India news outlet, Riya said that Sushant went on a trip to Thailand only with male friends. But now it is known that Sara Ali Khan was also with the actor on the trip.

In the interview, Riya said that Sushant loved to live a king size life. He used to spend for the welfare of everyone with open arms. Sushant went on a trip to Thailand with all his male friends before coming to terms with him. The actor spent Rs 60 lakh on that trip.

This time, Sushant's former assistant Sabir Ahmed has opened his mouth in the wake of this remark. He said in an interview that Sara was with them on the Bangkok trip. In Sabir's words, “There were seven of us. Sushant, Sara Ali Khan, Siddharth Gupta, Kushal Javeri, Abbas, Sushant's bodyguard Mustaq and I. It was Sushant's trip with the promotion team, Sara and two staff members. We went in December 2016. ”

Earlier, rumors were heard that Sushant and Sara were dating after the release of 'Kedarnath'. Recently, the actor's lawyer Bikash Singh also admitted it. Sabir further said that Sushant and Sara used to spend more time in their hotel room during the trip. However, they have to return before the scheduled date. The tsunami alert was issued to evacuate the hotel they had booked on the island.

Sabir added that while the rest returned to India, he and Sushant's bodyguard stayed there for a few more weeks. Sushant paid all their expenses. The CBI is now keeping an eye on Sushant's trip to Europe. It is learned that Sushant paid the entire cost of Riya and her brother Shauvik on that trip.