Rebirth, the movement of 71 or just a vampire story! Publicly the trailer for Anirban-Mimi's 'Dracula Sawyer'


Banglahunt Desk: Mimi Chakraborty and Anirban Bhattacharya starrer 'Dracula Sir' has been in the spotlight since its announcement. First the curious poster and this time the trailer with the same mystery. The spectators are getting more and more excited about Dracula.

In the case of some films, the story of the film becomes much clearer from the trailer. But that theory does not apply to Dracula. From the beginning to the end of the 2 minute trailer wrapped in mystery. Occasionally there are scenes of anagona and different contexts of a few torn characters.

Amal, Raktim, Bud The names of the three characters have come up in the trailer. There are two contexts. 1971 and 2020. In the seventies, Amal Som alias Anirban was seen as a revolutionary associated with a secret movement. In one scene, Manjari alias Mimi Chakraborty wants to join their team. Then a few scenes of torture inside the jail, Amal Som's grave all came up for a moment.

Now the context changes. At present, Anirban is seen as a temporary Bengali teacher in a primary school. The students call him Dracula Sir because of the two large teeth in front of him. Anirban has been seen with Vidipta in a few scenes again.

Several scenes have condensed the web of mystery. Listening to Anirban's dialogue “How can everything be remembered even after the end” raises doubts as to whether there is any issue of reincarnation or racism in the film. In some scenes, Anirban calls himself a 'vampire'. Has the word been used in the immortal sense? Rudranil Ghosh's character is also quite mysterious.

All in all, the makers of Dracula Syracuse are able to keep the mystery alive in theaters. But don't wait any longer. This film is being released in Pujo. Although Dracula was supposed to be released on May 1, it was delayed due to a lockdown.

Directed by Devalaya Bhattacharya, this film is Mimi's first work on the big screen after she became an MP. Seeing the actress in the teaser, it was understood that she is going to be seen in a very unusual character this time. Now just waiting for the release of ‘Dracula Sawyer’.