Receive Pak pacer appeals to ten thousand ventilators in India to fight Corona


The number of coronas in India is increasing in the world as well as at the moment. The maroon virus has had a huge impact in neighboring Pakistan. Receiving such conditions, Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar feels that India and Pakistan have forgotten their enmity so that they can help each other. That is why Akhtar appealed to India ten thousand ventilators to fight Corona so that Pakistan could fight against Corona.

Akhtar said that the people of the two countries should stand beside each other, forgetting all the hostility right now. Right now Akhtar wants to convey the message of peace, forgetting the hostility. Akhtar said, “The situation in Pakistan is getting worse for Corona right now. In such a situation, if India stands by Pakistan with ten thousand ventilators, then Pakistan will remember India's help throughout life.”

Shoaib Akhtar has even applied for an India-Pakistan bilateral cricket series to raise funds to address Corona. He said in a friendly message that India needs to make a one-day series between Pakistan and Pakistan at the moment. All the money that will be earned from that series will be handed over to the two countries.

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