Recite some special mantras on Saturday, the grace of Saturn will always be on you


BanglaHunt Desk: Shadow and Sun's son Shani (Shani dev) all mortals are scared. Different people use different methods to escape the wrath of Saturn. However, the idea is that if a person sees Saturn, it does not leave easily. He has to suffer the consequences of his actions. Again, if His grace falls on a person, then that person does not have to look back. His life was filled with happiness and prosperity.

Saturn can be satisfied with all these planetary angry gods but in different ways. So Saturday is chosen for the worship of the great deity. Many Hindu women go to the temple in the evening to worship Shanidev, fasting from day to day.

‘Aam pran prem pran se shanischaraya namah:’– Every Saturday morning, while bathing, looking at the sun and chanting this mantra, good energy develops in people.

‘Am Shanischaraya Vidmahe Chayaputraya Dhimahe Tano Mand: Prachodayat‘- If the mantra is recited 108 times every Saturday after bathing, there is a lot of good in a person’s life and also a lot of prosperity in a person’s finances.

Then read ‘Om Sham Shanishcharaya Namah:’ – This mantra. Then good times are coming soon in a person's life.

‘Shajayam cha vartishaniyaktam vahanina yajitam maya deepam grihan debashan trilokia timira paham!’– If you light a lamp in front of Bara Thakur on Saturday evening and recite this mantra 108 times, your life will be filled with happiness and prosperity.

In addition to all this every Saturday ‘Om Triyambakam Ijamahe Sugandham Pushti-Bardhanam Urbaruka Miva Bandhanam Mrityur Muksho Mamrat’ – If you chant this mantra 108 times at any time, Saturn's good fortune will fall on you. And there will never be a lack of happiness and prosperity in your life.