Reckless jerk to the beat of catchy Hindi song, dance video of the tumultuous viral ‘Didi No. 1’ composition


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Rachna Banerjee has just turned 48. He made headlines for his gorgeous birthday party. The composition was captured on the night of the birthday in the form of ‘Chameli’. Now viral is a dance video of that party.

Wearing maroon sari, green blouse. Yellow and orange marigolds on the scalp. The composition of 'Didi No. 1' captivated the party on this day in the form of 'Chameli'. The special attraction of the party was the dancing of the actress. Rachna was seen dancing to the tune of the super hit Hindi song 'Manali Trance'.

It is difficult to take your eyes off the composition in the rhythm of the song. Needless to say, he is very good at dancing. Evidence of her dancing skills has been found many times, including Didi Nong One.

There is no way for anyone to say that the actress fell in 48 after seeing her dance. Netizens are surprised to see the composition in this form. Needless to say, his video went viral as soon as it was shared on social media.

Rachna celebrated her birthday on October 2 in her Urbana flat. Actress Kaninika Bandyopadhyay, Richa Sharma and a few other close friends of the composition were present. He was seen enjoying his birthday party. Rachna also shared all those pictures on social media.