Reckless sex in front of the camera, these Bollywood beauties have become naked by taking off their movie clothes!


BanglaHunt Desk: The idea that sex or nudity is only seen in Hollywood movies is now a thing of the past. Bollywood has been an adult for a long time. To be honest, the actresses were caught in front of the camera in a very bold avatar long before the present time.
At a time when bikinis or short dresses or even simple kisses were considered 'taboo', some of the leading actresses did not hesitate to show off their on-screen nudity or sexuality. Take a look at who is on the list of these adventurers-

Mandakini– Mandakini's dance under the shower in a white transparent sari in the Ram Teri Ganga Moili film, is still iconic. At that time, such a scene required a lot of courage. Mandakini also posed in a silver bikini on a magazine cover.

Line– Rekha is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood. Rekha, who has a strong personality, also acted in intimate scenes for the needs of the movie. She played a middle-aged woman in the 1998 film Astha, which she later chose as a prostitute's life. Rekha starred in close scenes with late actors Om Puri and Naveen Nischal.

Zeenat Aman– Zeenat Aman developed a different definition of 'sensuality'. She is one of the boldest actresses of the seventies. Zeenat turned the heads of the movie lovers at that time in a transparent sari without a blouse.

Radhika Apte– No one will dare to compare Radhika in terms of acting. Radhika has been naked more than once to perfect her character. In 2016, he had a close look with Adil Hussain in the movie 'Parched'. Radhika's nude MMS and pictures were also leaked on social media.

Mallika Sherawat– It is difficult to find a man in the nineties who did not have a storm in his heart when he heard the name Mallika Sherawat. Who forgot Mallika's bold performance in 'Murder' opposite Imran Hashmi in 2004?

Sunny Leone– Sunny left the world of porn and set foot in Bollywood. Sunny has acted in bold scenes in the first film 'Jism Two' and then in several films. He was also seen to be half naked.

Isha Gupta– Isha Gupta enters Bollywood through 'Jannat Two' opposite Imran Hashmi. From the nudity to the close-up bed scene, he had just performed Tukhor.