Red China, angry over Biden government's love for India, threatened Global Times

With the change of power in America, China was happy. However, this happiness did not last long. Because US President Joe Biden has made it clear that India is an important friend of his government. So even if the government changes, it will not affect the relationship.

Newly elected US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, on the other hand, has slammed China. Austin says China's grandstanding cannot be tolerated. The message coming from the new US administration is indirectly in favor of India. And because of this, China has woken up.

The biggest fear in China is the Tibet issue. China's idea is that India can surround China on the Tibet issue and in this case America will undoubtedly side with India. China wrote in its mouthpiece Global Times: “Some Indian experts have asked the Indian government to play the Tibet card with the United States. If India does so, relations between the two countries will deteriorate.