Red is the water of the fountain in the tricolor, the viral video on Independence Day is being practiced on Netdunia.


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: Most of the videos that have gone viral on Independence Day are our favorite Teranga national flag. One of those videos has gone viral since it went viral. The net world is divided over the debate on patriotism or pollution.

The viral video was shared by Bollywood's famous paparazzi 'Viral Forces'. As can be seen in the video, the water of a fountain is painted in the colors of the national flag of India. The Viral Forces have said that this is not a manipulation of light. The water of the fountain was mixed with ocher, white and green colors.

Needless to say, the colorful fountains in the colors of the waves without the manipulation of light are extremely dazzling. The net world is amazed to see that. Although many people wrote Joy Hind in the comment box of this post, a part of Netdunia is unhappy with this video.

According to them, this is not patriotism, adding such chemicals to the spring water could cause terrible damage to nature in the future. They are asking the question, why chemicals are mixed with water in this way? It could have been done in another way. Patriotism would not have been less if it was done with light instead of color, but destroying nature in this way is like acting irrationally.

Incidentally, Burj Khalifa, Niagara Falls was also painted in tricolor on India's Independence Day. But entirely in the craft of light. No color was used