Reha and Sauvik Chakraborty's drug chat came to the hands of CBI


The investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput's death is becoming increasingly murky. As soon as the CBI took over the investigation, it was learned that a drug ring was involved in Sushantar's death. This time Reha and Sauvik Chakraborty's WhatsApp chat about drugs came out publicly. After the two siblings discussed about drugs, the chat was deleted but later it was recovered by the CBI.

According to All India News, a conversation took place between Reha Chakraborty and her brother Sauvik Chakraborty on March 15. It is learned from there that Reha Chakraborty's brother Sauvik Chakraborty was also involved in drug trafficking.

It is alleged that Rehar's brother used to run a drug business besides drugs. There are definitely more than five words like ‘bad’ and twenty ‘dubs’.

Meanwhile, during interrogation, Zayed claimed that he had regular contact with Sauvik Chakraborty. The Bureau of Narcotics Control began questioning the three drug traffickers on Wednesday. It is learned that Sauvik Chakraborty used to have regular contact with these drug dealers.

It is learned that Sauvik Sushantar used to send house manager Miranda to Basit to collect drugs. The question that has arisen is whether the drugs that he used to collect from Basit were mixed with water and fed to Sushant! It is learned that Reha Chakraborty and Sauvik Chakraborty will soon be summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau for questioning.