Relationships with multiple actresses, Akshay gave Shilpa this explosive condition for marriage!

BanglaHunt Desk: Akshay Kumar (akshay kumar) is handling practically a decade with one hand. His next film Lakshmi Bomb is going to be released soon. For now, he is busy promoting that film. He also finished shooting for his next film, Bell Bottom. He also returned to India after shooting abroad. Prithviraj has started shooting for his next film.

He has been known in Bollywood as 'Khiladi Kumar' since the nineties. Akki has shared the screen with many superhit first row actresses. Among them, everyone knows about Akshay's closeness with Shilpa Shetty.

Talking to Akshay on the shooting set. It is known that the actress saw Akshay for the first time on the set of Khiladi Tu Anari in Madhya. From there first friendship and then love. Akshay Shilpa was about for a long time. But in the end that relationship did not last. The actor left Shilpa and married Twinkle Khanna.

Before Shilpa, Akshay had a relationship with Rabina Tandon. At that time, the love between Rabina and Akshay Kumar was a matter of practice in Bollywood. Any news about this superhit couple would keep the page three busy. But suddenly Shilpa enters between the two. At that time, Majen actor left Rabina and fell in love with Shilpa.

After getting involved, Akshay and Shilpa shared a screen together in the movie Dharkan. The film was also a super hit. Shilpa's close friend Twinkle Khanna also used to come on the shooting set. Akshay's mind is again on Twinkle. Shilpa was very upset when she found out about the matter.

It is known that Akshay had agreed to marry Shilpa. But he had a condition. If Shilpa leaves her acting career after marriage, she will get married. After hearing this condition, the actress herself withdrew from the relationship. Akshay, on the other hand, married Twinkle.