Relief news: Corona recovery rate rises to 80 per cent in India, death toll falls below 2 per cent for first time


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Union Ministry of Health held a press conference on the current situation of corona virus in India. And informed about the current situation of Corona in India. According to the ministry, corona cases are on the rise in India, but the number of deaths due to the virus is declining. Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that for the first time, the death rate due to corona has come down from two per cent. He said the current death rate due to corona in India is 1.99 per cent.

On the other hand, it is known that the recovery rate has also increased in the case of increased corona in the country. This is seen as a good sign. At present, the recovery rate in India has increased to 60 percent. The government has set up a state expert committee on the vaccine, the ministry said, referring to the government's plans to tie up with Russia for the coronavirus vaccine. And this committee will meet tomorrow. This committee will work on all issues starting from the availability of vaccines.

The ministry secretary said the number of patients diagnosed with the corona virus in India had crossed 1.5 million by August 11. This is a matter of relief to India. He said the main reason for this being possible is that India's clinical protocol has been properly implemented. On August 10, 54,859 people in the country recovered from the corona virus. A record number of patients who have recovered from the virus in one day.