Religion Term Horse, God, God Does Not Exist: Controversial Comment Taslima

BanglaHunt Desk: Taslima Nasrin again took the storm by making controversial remarks. And love to make controversial comments. “These religions are the eggs of the term horse – God, God does not exist”! He wrote the same on his Facebook post on Saturday.

Author Taslima Nasreen wrote on Facebook, “When I cook, cook, clean the door, I sing loudly to a Bluetooth speaker to break the unbearable noise.” Today I heard the old Bengali songs of Sachin Devvarman. Still playing the song of the master, when I saw the picture of the public on Bangladesh news! One of the lackeys attended the funeral. Lockdown is going on in Bangladesh. Then! It does not matter to them! They are the people of Brahmanbaria. Ah Sachin Devvarman was born in Brahmanbaria! She did not care for Bengali mother Cole and Bangla mother Dhol! How do I look today in Bengal! “

The author's comments have prompted a surge in social media. And this is not less than the number of likes.

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