Religious rituals were taking place in the gurudwara deep night in lockdown! Police came and arrested eight persons


Bangla Hunt Desk: A case has been filed against a lockdown order in North Delhi in violation of Lockdown's order in North Delhi. The Delhi Police has arrested eight people for stern action. And a case has been filed against the arrested persons. Authorities said a team of police went on patrol Saturday night. And at that time, the police found that some people were performing religious rituals at Sis Ganj Gurdwara around 2:30 pm.

A senior police official said they tried to flee the scene after seeing the police. But they were arrested on the charge of police. The accused persons have been sued under sections 9, 20 and 20 of the IPC. Officials said eight masks were not worn by tax evaders, and they had assembled at a religious location in violation of lockdown orders.

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