Remember Baba Mahadev in this special way, there will be happiness in life


BanglaHunt Desk: Devadidev Mahadev, one of the most revered gods of all people. Lord Shiva was satisfied with very little devotion. His fans are spread all over the world. If he asks his father for something with pure devotion, the father does not return his devotee empty-handed.

In the case of flowers, the father does not like colorful flowers at all. But dhutura and akanda flowers are very dear to my father. So dhutura and akanda flowers with basil buds can also please the father. Mahadev also loves the flowers that bloom on the bell tree before the bell bears fruit again. That flower can also be given at the feet of the father.

You can give him a tilak of white sandalwood during the worship of Mahadev. White sandalwood will keep the father's head cool and there will be happiness in life.

Ash is also a favorite thing of my father. After pouring water on his father's head, he was pleased to offer it to Mahadev.

Note the snake but the father's ornament. So the octahedron or stone with which Shiva will make the linga must have a snake in it.

Bell again but a very favorite fruit of the father. This bell is again a symbol of absolute longevity. So you can also offer bell fruit to the father wishing longevity to the family members.

Belpata is a very favorite flower of Mahadev. So full of devotion, the father responds to the call of the devotee even if he calls the father only with bell leaves in pure clothes.

If Shivling is kept at home or in a temple, he should be placed in front of everyone. It is better to keep daily worship where it is possible without leaving it in a corner.