Remember Baba Mahadev with this special flower with devotion, you will get the best blessings in life


BanglaHunt Desk: Brahma Vishnu Maheshwar- Among these three gods, Monday is the day of Devadeva Mahadev (mahadev) Shiva. On this day, many women take a bath from morning to noon and pour water on their father's head. Many people worship the father for the good of the husband and the family.

In a word, Baba Mahadev was satisfied in a very short time. The father is satisfied with the devotee only if he offers a little something full of devotion. Even worshiping Mahadev on Monday yields unexpected results. However, many people may not know that Baba Mahadev does not like colorful flowers at all. Belgaum flowers are on his list of favorite flowers.

Many people worship Shiva Thakur with Akanda and Dhutro flowers. But the flower of the bell tree is the most favorite of all the flowers. But never confuse this flower with a fragrant bell flower. This is the bell flower, from which the bell fruit is produced. These bell flowers are somewhat rare in nature.

Worshiping Shiva Thakur every Monday with the flowers of this bel tree instead of any colorful flower, the fruit of the lifelong rigorous austerities of the devotees is obtained. It is believed that just placing a bell flower at the feet of a father brings the fruits of rigorous austerities throughout one's life. Besides, if this flower is offered at the feet of Mahadev only once in the whole life, the devotee receives Shivlok at the end of his life.