Remember Bamakshyapar, the devotee of Devi Tara, will get the power to control the mind


Bamakhepa was born in Birbhum on 12th Falgun 1244 BS. His real name was Bamcharan Chatterjee. Sarbananda Chatterjee was his father. Devotion was strong from his childhood and he grew up to be a Hindu Tantric. He was an absolute fan of Ma Tara. And he used to worship Kali Mother at the crematorium near the temple.

Leaving home as a child, he became a disciple of Kailashpati, who lived in Tarapith. From then on he practiced yoga and tantra on the banks of the river Dwarka. He later went to Maluti, the temple village of the Malla kings, for yoga. Then for the last 18 months he worshiped at the temple of Goddess Moulakshi on the banks of Dwarka. He then gradually became the main religious figure of the Tarapith. Due to his miraculous powers, the devotees would go to him for any incurable disease and other problems. He used to pick up offerings from Thakur's dishes without following any rules.

According to the Puranas, the goddess Tara first visited Bamakshyapa in a terrifying dress, then took her in her arms in her mother's womb. There are many songs and folk songs about the devotee Bamakshyapa. When he was only 19 years old, he came in contact with Ramakrishna. After him Maharshi Debendranath Tahkur went to meet Yat. On his way back, Bamakshyapa asked him to meditate under the Chatim tree he had seen from the train. And later Santiniketan was established there.

Also what he predicted to Ashutosh Mukherjee and Rabindranath Tagore came true. The loss of Bamakshyapa as a devotee of Mother Kali has spread all over the world.