Remember Brahmachari's father, Loknath, will feel courage and strength


Banglahunt Desk: Although the preaching of the greatness of Father Loknath in Bengal was not very old, Father Loknath appeared about 300 years ago. Father Loknath was an extraordinary figure in human life. His greatness is spreading towards each other. Father Loknath Srikrishna's birthday was born in a Brahmin family in Kachua village of 25 Parganas, on August 7 (1 Bhadra, 3 Bengal), on August 8, 8 Kolkata. His father's name was Ramnarayan Ghosal and mother Kamaladevi. He was the fourth son of his parents.

However, with this birthplace of his disciples there are many differences within the disciples. Some think that Baba Loknath's birth place is Kachua, while others think he was born in Chakla in present-day North 24 Parganas district. This Chaklai is now known to the Loknath devotees known as Chakladham.

One hundred years after his departure, this trilogy mahakavi himself instructed him to preach his lilak. From the late eighties, the popularity of Loknath Pujo celebrations increased By obedience he is part of Shiva. So like Shiva, on a great Monday, Baba fills in the peace and prosperity of Loknath Puja's life.

At an early age, he accepted the disciple of Lord Ganguly. After the Upanayana, Loknath, Benimadhav and Bhagwan Ganguly started the journey. After crossing various villages, towns, rivers and jungles, he first came to Kalighat and started his yoga pursuit. In this way, Loknath attained Brahmansana at the end of the Guru's order by practicing yoga at various places. Then begins the country tour. He first came to Kabul from the Himalayas. There, a Muslim by the name of Mullah Saadi learned theology of Islam by discussing various scriptures including the Quran, the Vedas.

Later he returned to Bengal and established an ashram. On hearing of the Ashram of Loknath Brahmachari, many devotees came to gather from the country. Within a short time Baba's ashram became a pilgrimage site. His motto was, “In the forest of the wilderness, wherever you are in danger, you will remember me”. Which his devotees still adhere to.

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