Remember Hanumanji in times of crisis, the dangers of life


Banglahant Desk: Mahabali Hanuman is remembered as the solution to the crisis of the world. The story of Hanuman, a devotee of Rama, is written in golden letters in Ramayana. Since rescuing mother Sita, Hanuman's name comes first as a favorite devotee of Rama.

Pawan and Anjani's son Hanuman was very strong from his childhood. Worshiping the troubled Hanuman does not lead to any evil eye towards the family.

Hanuman was a very playful boy from a young age. He has to be cursed for repeatedly showing this agility and power in his childhood. He was told that if anyone reminded him of his power in the future, he would regain that infinite power.

Rambhakta, the son of monkey king Keshari and mother Anjani, is also referred to as the son of Pawan.

Many people regularly recite Hanuman Challisa to get rid of bad influences in life. Many go through bad times. That is, the phase of Saturn continues. Then by chanting its mantra, the phase of Saturn will begin to disappear from life and peace will come down in life. Good luck coming back.