Remember mother Kali to remove the sorrow and misery of life, happiness and peace will return


Banglahunt Desk: Shyama or Adyashakti or Maa Tara (Kali Maa) In Bengali Hindu society, worship of Kali Tagore or Tara Maa is done with great pomp. Their mother is a prominent form of the Hindu goddess Kali. This is the second Mahavidya of Dasamahavidya. Mother Tara, lives by her fans in all walks of life. Help him.

Mother is their helper in any situation of the devotee. He is the source of all energy. Mother's place Tarapith is a great holy land for all. Many people come here for pursuit. Many devotees come to Tarapith every day to pay homage to their mother.

They can protect all his fans from all dangers. At the last moment of her life, her mother stood by her fans. Mother stars are no substitute for energy. He is the source of all energy. That is why Tarapith is a place of devotion for all. When the mother, father, brother, sister of the family all turn away, then the mother gives him shelter. They mother gave him strength. Helps to rise again in life. It awakens the desire to do something good in life even after losing.

The devotee Bamakhepa was the devotee of Kali's mother. In his weak time his mother Tara was by his side giving him a lot of strength. From then on, they are the only hope in weak times. In danger, so they all took refuge in the mother.

Tarapith is located near Rampurhat town in Birbhum district of West Bengal. The Tara Temple, the mother of Tarapith, is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus. Maa Tara Darshan is also found at Dakshineswar, Kalighat. Mother Tara makes life beautiful and marvelous by the side of her fans in every moment of her life. So the glory of mother star in the world is infinite.