Remember the Indian Bengali Yoga Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, remember the ball, the healing power will increase


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Deb was born on 16 February 1838 in the village of Kamarpukur in Arambagh subdivision of Hughli district of West Bengal to a poor Vaishnava Brahmin family. His previous name was Gadadhar Chatterjee. He later became known as a great man. He was a priest at Dakshineswar Kalibari. Then he started worshiping mother Kali under the influence of Indian power. The first Guru in his life was a devotee of Tantra and Vaishnava devotional philosophy.

He used to spread Kshriya among the masses through short stories in the regional rural dialects of West Bengal. He was uneducated in the traditional view. But with his extraordinary knowledge and divine vision, he was able to earn the respect of the Bengali intelligentsia and the educated middle class. From the mid-160s onwards, he gradually became like a guru to Western-educated intellectuals. After his death the disciples continued his work. Swami Vivekananda was the chief of his disciples.

Sri Ramakrishna was the fourth and last child of father Khudiram Chattopadhyay and mother Chandramani Devi. He was known as Gadai in his childhood. He was very skilled in drawing and making clay idols. He was an expert in music, Katakatha and religion. He was later employed as a priest in the Dakshineswara Kali temple. His style of worship was such that rumors spread in Kamarpukur that he had gone mad as a result of his extravagance in Dakshineswara. Then his mother and middle-aged Rameshwar decided that if he got married, he would be fine. In 1859, he married Sarada Devi, 5 years old. He was 23 then.

After the marriage, in December 180, Sri Ramakrishna left Sarada Devi and moved to Calcutta. Then they did not meet for a long time. After the marriage, Sri Ramakrishna returned to Calcutta and resumed his work at the temple. From then on he became intoxicated with spiritual pursuits. In order to eradicate the racism of the Brahmins, he continued to serve food to the lower castes and the oppressed.

He started mixing gold and silver coins with earthenware and saying “money is money, money is money”. And threw the money into the Ganges. Because of his actions, people keep thinking that he has really gone crazy. It is said that even in this situation, if he was touched by a coin while he was asleep, he would shrink. Sri Ramakrishna studied different religions, including Islam and Christianity, and gained the knowledge that all gods are equal. That is why he used to say, “Yatra jiva tatra Shiva” meaning, “Wherever there is life, there is Shiva's abode”. At present many of his disciples have taken this initiation in this religion.

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