Report: Out of 365 Hindu temples in Pakistan, 26 are occupied by land mafias

Banglahunt Desk: Reports of atrocities against the Hindu minority have come to light many times from Pakistan. Not only did the Pakistani government stop oppressing minorities, but their places of worship were not spared either. Recently, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported that the country’s Supreme Court had submitted a report on the condition of Hindu temples there.

According to sources, a report was submitted by the Pakistan Supreme Court on February 5, 2021 on the situation of Hindu temples in Pakistan. According to the report, the ETPB Evacuee Trust failed to properly maintain more than half of the temples in Pak. 2 out of 4 temples have been given information. And it has been said that the temples have been damaged a lot. Pictures have also been sent with.

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According to the report, the newspaper also recommended that the Supreme Court direct the ETPB to re-maintain the temples in collaboration with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Reconstruction of Terry Temple, Hinglaj Temple, Prahlad Temple, Katas Raj Temple have also been mentioned.

The ETPB was directed by the Supreme Court on January 5 to submit information on the number of Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras under them. The ETPB was summoned again as no reply was received. The ETPB report was later sent on January 25, but it was incomplete.

According to the ETPB, there are currently 365 Hindu temples in Pakistan. Of these, only 13 temples are under the ETPB, while there are 65 temples under the Hindu community, while the remaining 26 temples are in the hands of land mafias.