Report: The debate on the Tabligh church in Pakistan too! The organizers demanded the assembly of two and a half million people

Bangla Hunt Desk: Due to the tablighi jamaat, fear of Corona has increased not only in India but also in Pakistan. In the wake of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Pakistan, the Jamaatis organized their annual meeting last month in Raiwind. And now there is a storm of debate about that meeting.

According to a report by the Pakistani media, Dawn, the Jamaatis held their annual meeting despite opposition from the Punjab-based government. A special branch of the Punjab province said that around 3 to 4,000 members of the organization had gathered to attend the meeting on March 7. The organizers of the church claim that more than two and a half million people attended their annual meeting.

The meeting was attended by 7,000 people who came from that country but could not return. Because the Pakistani government banned all international planes because of the epidemic. Jamaat's meetings in India and Malaysia have been widely criticized as members of many countries were corona positive and hence the number of coronary victims increased in the country.

So far, more than four thousand cases have been reported in Corona in Pakistan. And 3 people died. The virus has already taken many developing countries to its grasp. In Pakistan, the virus started spreading itself from last month. The report says that after receiving the Coroner's report positive among many members of the Jamaat, about half a million residents of Raibinda town have been completely sealed.

Pakistan sent quarantine to around 9,200 people who attended the meeting last month. Other members of the district are also being searched. The Corona report of a three-member Tabligh church has come out positive, with the highest number of cases being reported in Merkaz.

Information: Dawn ANI

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