Reshma Pathan, the first stunt woman of the film industry, was honored on the stage of India’s Best Dancer Season 3, said – started working to run the house


IBD 3 के मंच पर हुआ फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की पहली स्टंट वुमन रेशमा पठान का सम्मान, कहा- घर चलाने के लिए शुरू किया था काम

Reshma Pathan Image Credit source: Photo Credit: Instagram

India’s Best Dancer 3: Sony TV’s famous dance reality show India’s Best Dancer 3 Under the unmatched 110 years of cinema, where the pages of the centuries-old history of cinema were remembered once again. Film industry’s first stunt woman on this special evening Reshma Pathan The entry took off in the show. During this, Reshma not only hosted the show Jai Bhanushali Also did some funny stunts with him but remembered the old days.

Let me tell you,” Reshma Pathan has done thousands of amazing stunts in about 400 films. As soon as she entered the show, Reshma was seen doing stunts with host Jai Bhanushali. Talking about her journey, Reshma said that the condition of my house was very bad in those days. I had many siblings and my father had fallen ill. So I started juggling in the street. One day after the game everyone was giving me some money.”

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Father did not approve of work

Reshma further said, “At that time, Azim Bhai put two rupees on my hand. I said that I do not have Khule. So he said that you keep the whole. After which he went home with me and also met his father. He asked his father to take me into the industry. My father did not approve of this. After which I persuaded her a lot and I entered the industry as a stunt woman. This industry has given me a lot. It is because of this that I am standing here today.”

Did the most difficult stunt of life in Sholay

While talking about her most challenging stunt, 69-year-old Reshma says, “I did the most difficult stunts of my life in the film Sholay. During that time I also got hurt. But I didn’t stop and completed the shoot.”

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