Revealed: Recession will not come in India! The condition of these countries including China, America is bad


वियतनाम जैसे छोटे देश से सीख ले भारत तो चीन को हराकर बन सकता है दुनिया का सरताज

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Many big countries along with America, China, UK can be in the grip of recession. India is the only country where there is little chance of recession. We are not saying so. In fact, according to the figures of World of Statistics, the possibility of recession in India is zero percent. Whereas in America this possibility is 65 percent.

The biggest danger of recession The biggest danger is hovering over the world’s most powerful country America. At the same time, the possibility of a recession in China has been expressed at 12.5 percent. According to the World of Statistics report, apart from America, China, UK, there are many countries including South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia where the possibility of recession has increased.

Why America is at risk

According to this report, America, UK, Canada and New Zealand are the four big countries where the possibility of recession has been told the most. Actually the banking crisis on America is getting deeper. Three big banks of America have already drowned. Now it is expected that many more banks are on the verge of collapse. At the same time, the US Federal Reserve is continuously increasing the interest rates. Fed has increased interest rates for the tenth time yesterday. From the Finance Minister of America to the White House has also given indications of recession.

Recession Fear

Recession Fear

Why is there no fear in India

According to the list released by the World of Statistics, India is the only country where the possibility of a reduction is zero percent. In fact, there is strength in India’s economic indicators. Be it inflation data or manufacturing data. Talking about GST collection also, it has been at its record level in April. Air traffic has also broken all records. India has also won on the export front. On the basis of these indicators, it can be said that the Indian economy is gradually moving towards a stronger position.

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UK also at risk

If we talk about UK other than America, the condition of inflation there has become very bad. The manufacturing sector there is also submerged. There is also pressure on the government to print new notes. The remaining stone is being completed by the Russia-Ukraine war. Actually, since the era of Corona, a huge decline in the production of Britain is being recorded. During the Corona, the economy of Britain had collapsed badly, which has not been able to recover completely till now.

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