Revenue becomes more tied: Switzerland offers a message of solidarity with India in Corona situation

BanglaHunt Desk: This line of life's 'deepest unhappiness in the world now' matches the situation in the world at the moment. Corona is a catastrophic whole world. The number of victims is jumping at every moment. Continued death procession.

In this situation, forgetting the political conflict, everyone will face this crisis by holding hands together, this is desirable. This time, Switzerland took a fancy initiative for that purpose. The Indian flag is lit on the Matterhorn horn of the Alps.

Artist Jerry Hofstetter organized this light exhibition at the summit of the Matterhorn horn on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Along with India, the American flag is illuminated. The whole world witnesses the unprecedented scene. Switzerland called for the whole world to say, 'I want to be more tied to income'.

The Corona virus has taken the form of pandemics around the world at the moment. Lockdown has been issued worldwide to prevent coronary infection. In this lockdown, the video is shared by the Indian Embassy Officer Gurlin Kaur, who has made this country a better place. In the caption he writes, Switzerland expresses solidarity with India in its fight against # COVID19. Swiss mountain of #Matterhorn lit in tricolour. Friendship from Himalayas to Alps 222 (Switzerland expresses solidarity with India in the fight against # COVID19. #Masterhorn's Swiss mountain shines on the Triangle. Friendship to the Alps from the Himalayas)

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