Revolutionary Baghayatin attacked his own birthplace in Bangladesh! The idol was broken

Bengali Hunt Desk: A few days ago, the statue of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur under construction was smashed by extremists in Bangladesh. The incident of breaking the statue of the revolutionary Bagha Jatin came to the fore from Bangladesh without cutting off the remnants of that incident. There was a statue of the revolutionary Baghayatin in the college premises of Kaya village in Kushtia district. In the darkness of the night, evildoers came and smashed the idol. Signs of multiple injuries were found on the statue's cheek and name. Police have started investigation into the incident.

Locals claimed that the statue was intact till yesterday. The statue was then vandalized in the dark of night. Please be informed that Baghayatin was born on 6th December 189 in this Kaya village of Bangladesh. According to tradition, he was named Baghayatin because he killed a tiger with his bare hands. Baghayatin played a pivotal role in India's war of independence against the British. And today his idol was smashed in his birthplace.

A bust of Baghayatin was erected on the premises of Kaya College four years ago. This statue was erected there in memory of the freedom fighter.