Riaz Naiku was not a hero or a Rambo, they need to be eliminated: Chief of Defense


BanglaHunt Desk: Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat said – Riaz Naik is not a Rambo. Not a hero. They like to keep their secrets. And don't like to give that picture to anyone. Because he likes to follow this rule quickly. Kashmir Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said – Riaz Naiku was a 7-year-old commander.

The security forces have conducted many operations this year

After a successful operation by the Indian security forces, Bipin Rawat said the recruitment of national agencies would be reduced. The priority of the armed forces is to neutralize their leadership. They are not heroes. Besides, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat praised the security forces and the Jammu and Kashmir Police. He said this on Thursday. Security forces have conducted 28 operations in Kashmir since January this year.

Many people have been tortured

Jammu and Kashmir Police DGP Dilbag Singh said many people have been tortured by Riaz Naik. He should be eliminated. There was a prize of 12 lakh rupees for this. He publishes videos every two months and incites people. He had the power to influence people, and he is still doing so, and he has had many problems with that.