Richa Chaddar files defamation suit worth Tk 1.1 crore, seeks Y-category security


Richa Chadha has filed a defamation suit against actress Payel Ghosh. Richa filed the case against Pawel in the Bombay High Court on Monday. He claimed that Payal's allegations against director Anurag Kashyap had been forcibly removed. Richa also claimed that the allegations were false and baseless.

Richa Chadda has also demanded Rs 1.1 crore from Kamal R Khan and news agency ABN Telugu for tarnishing his image. However, neither Payal nor any of the lawyers against whom the defamation suit was filed were seen in court today. It is learned that the case will be taken up in the court again on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Richard Payal said that he has no personal enmity with Richard. He does not understand the meaning of this case. He also said what Anurag Kashyap told him. This is not his personal opinion. So if he raises the question of defamation case, he will talk to Richar directly and settle the misunderstanding, said Payal.

Earlier, Payal claimed that Anurag said that actresses like Richa Chadda and Huma Qureshi also have physical relations with him. Richa then posted a picture of the legal notice sent to Payal on social media. His allegation is that Payal is bringing false allegations in his name. Although he wants the victim to be properly prosecuted if the allegations are proven, a woman should not abuse her power to trap other women.

Incidentally, Payal said Anurag himself said that he had relationships with more than 200 women. He said this with great pride. In Pawel's words, “It's not that he wanted to hide these things. He was trying to convince me. ”

Payal said that when he first went to Anurag Kashyap's house, everything seemed normal to him. They also sat together and ate food. On the second day, the director called home and took Payal to another room.

The actress said, “There were a lot of video cassettes. He started behaving strangely by running a film. To my dismay, I got up and left. Then he said everyone I had launched before was very cool. That's when he named Richa Chadda and Huma Qureshi. “