Right to Repair attack on foreign companies! Now spare parts will have to be launched in the market


टीवी-फ्रिज या कार-बाइक अब कहीं भी कराओ रिपेयर, मिलती रहेगी वारंटी

Right To RepairImage Credit source: GOI

The arbitrariness of foreign companies will no longer work. Now companies cannot limit their customers only to service centers. The government has made a plan to end their monopoly. Under this plan, now people using goods of foreign companies will be able to go anywhere and get their things fixed.

We have often seen that after people’s phone, TV or any item gets damaged, they become useless. When you go to get it rectified, the company’s people prepare a long and wide bill by telling strange and poor things. But, now this will not happen. According to the information, foreign companies will now have to provide spare parts of their products and their information in the local market as well. For this, the government has given foreign companies right to repair Several instructions have been given under. Due to which their monopoly will end and the convenience of the people can be further improved.

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Companies will have to give this information now

According to the Ministry of Commerce, keeping in mind the convenience of the consumers, the government has prepared a framework for foreign companies. Under this, now foreign companies cannot limit Indian consumers to their service centers. Meaning that now consumers will not need to go to the service center after the goods get damaged. They can go to any market to get their damaged goods repaired under the Right to Repair.

Along with this, the Ministry of Commerce asked foreign companies under Right to Repair to bring spare parts and machinery of their products in the market. So that people’s work can be easier. If someone’s goods are damaged, then they can go to the Right to Repair portal and get information about any spare part of the product and find out how much it will cost to make it.

What is Right to Repair?

Right to Repair is a government portal which has been launched to facilitate the people. With the help of this portal, people can get all the information from the price of their product to when the manufacturing has taken place. Things on this are divided into 4 sectors. Let us tell you, many companies including Apple, Samsung, Panasonic are listed on this portal.

These items are included

Devices such as mobiles, tablets, wireless headphones, earbuds, laptops, batteries, servers and data storage, printers, universal charging ports, universal charging cables are included on the Right to Repair portal. Apart from this, many products like water purifier, washing machine, refrigerator, television, integrated / universal remote, dishwasher, microwave, air conditioner, geyser are on the portal.

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