Rituparna Sengupta favors lighting for 5 minutes at 5 pm!


Banglahunt Desk: Tollywood actress Rituparna Sengupta called for the burning of candles on Sunday night in support of the Prime Minister's request. The actress applied for lighting a candle for nine minutes on that day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the countrymen to fight unitedly to overcome political contradiction in the fight against Corona. Earlier, the people thanked the staff of the emergency services at 5 pm in the afternoon of curfew, urging them to play 5-minute dishes, hours and so on.
Modi has again made an application. The Prime Minister appealed to the video message at 8am this morning on Sunday, April 7 at 8 pm for lighting the candles, lamps, flashlights or flash of mobile by lighting the house for 5 minutes. The Prime Minister has made it clear that everyone is on the side of the fight against Corona.

Rituparna has given a video chat on the topic. There he appealed to all to light the candles as per the Prime Minister's request. In the meantime, it is possible that everyone is on the side. He added that this crisis is the whole world. That is how we can explain the fact that we are all in this war. We will win this fight.

This video of Rituparna has now gone viral on social media. Many have supported Rituparna.

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