Riya in big danger, Riya's brother was running a terrible plan together with drug dealers! Leaked explosive information


Banglahant Desk: Rhea Chakraborty's brother Shauvik Chakraborty's showik chakraborty's evidence of a deeper connection with the drug cycle is emerging. According to the interrogation of the drug dealers arrested from Mumbai, Riya's brother started the drug business himself. Through him, drug traffickers had plans to enter Bollywood and start a more mature drug business.

Three drug dealers and traffickers, Abdul Basit, Zayed and Fayyaz, have been nabbed by the Narcotics Control Bureau from Mumbai and Goa. According to NCB sources, Rear brother Shauvik had a talk with Basit at a football club in Mumbai.

It is learned that Shauvik himself was involved in drug trafficking in that football club. In his friendship with Basit. He had a talk with another drug trafficker Kaizan Ahmed through Basit. According to NCB sources, Basit used to regularly supply drugs to Shauvik.

More explosive information has come to light that the drug traffickers were planning to penetrate deeper into Bollywood through Riya and Shawvik. These bigwigs used to go to different heavyweight parties with Riya and Shauvik and get acquainted with the stars.

On the other hand, in Shawvik's chat with a drug dealer, the actress's brother was seen saying that Dad is looking for drugs. The CBI is interrogating Indrajith Chakraborty time and time again to find out whether this 'daddy' is actually the father of Riya and Shauvik or some other symbolic word.

In the chat, Shauvik is seen writing, ‘I want a boom. I need a father. I didn't know my father's 'goods' were gone. The drug dealer wrote in reply, ‘I am finished too. I will bring it tomorrow. '

It is believed from the chat that Riya and Shauvik's father Indrajith Chakraborty himself used to take drugs and knew about this addiction of his son and daughter. It is to be mentioned that the police have arrested the drug supplier of Shawvik's chat.