Riya used to run all her expenses with Sushant's money, the farmhouse manager revealed.


Banglahant Desk: One after another new information is being leaked in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Recently, the CBI questioned Pawan, the manager of Sushant's farmhouse. According to his statement, Rhea Chakraborty used the actor's money to run his own expenses and buy a flat.

Pawan claimed that the late actor's chartered accountant told him that Sushant was sleeping and Riya was partying at that time. Pawan also said that he has seen Rear brother Shauvik intoxicated or smoking all the time. He added that Shruti Modi started visiting the farm house from July last year. Riya took care of all the expenses of Sushant.

Pawan said that Sushant was very angry when he found out that Riya used to spend from his account. Riya Chakraborty often came with him. Pawan said he saw his family a day before Riya's birthday. Shauvik also had a daughter.

He added that Sushant used to come to this farm house to spend time whenever he was upset. He has worked with her for the last two years. But I have never heard the actor talk about depression, said Pawan. Sushant used to come to the farm house three or four times a month, sometimes twice a week.

Incidentally, a note was recently recovered from Sushant's Pabna farm house. That note two years ago contains everything about the daily activities of the late actor.

From waking up at 2:30 in the morning to drinking tea, after bathing, reading the mantras of the Vedas, Sushant had written everything on the note by hand. The note is dated April 26, 2016. Sushant also wrote down in the note what he wanted to do. One of them is quitting smoking. He wanted to give up this bad habit since 2016.

The note also says to spend more time with the work. It is believed that he wrote about Sushant's close friend and co-actress Kriti Sanon. The note was recovered by an all-India news outlet.