Road lockdown South Roy, viral video


Banglaunt Desk: A large part of the world is virtually incarcerated because of Corona. Pictures circulating on various social media sites suggest that nature is laughing openly as people are being held hostage. According to the usual rules of nature, dolphins, like wild deer, are moving wild.

Another video of wildlife's fearless roaming on social media has gone viral on Twitter, where tigers are stuck on the path. This scene has been seen on the edge of the forest in Satpura. Indian Forest Service Officer Rabindra Mani Tripathi shared the video on his Twitter handle and became viral. In the caption he wrote, Great family affair. The comments flooded the video as it was shared.

Earlier, a video showed hundreds of turtles hatching on the beach as they lay eggs. Each turtle is drilling in the sand at a certain distance and preparing to lay an egg. A turtle party is spending a fearless day on the Nirbili beach. The video was reported to be Russianicular. Indian Forest Service worker Sushant Nanda posted the video.

Besides, the level of a.q.i in the capital city of Delhi has dropped significantly due to lockdown. The city of Delhi is the first in the world in air pollution. There, the volume of a.q.i has dropped below 38, which is very comfortable. Lockdown has reduced the record rate of nitrogen oxide in Delhi's air.

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