Robbery on the subject of pre-wedding photoshoot! The video went viral

viral video: Pre-wedding photoshoot has become popular all over the world. The couple captured the pre-wedding romance on camera. Various themes are also used in this previewing shoot. A few days ago, the couple was criticized for highlighting nudity as the subject of a pre-wedding photoshoot. This time another theme has started to be discussed on social media. This theme is robbery.

The young men and women have made the popular web series 'Money Heist' the subject of their pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple from the Philippines decided to do a pre-wedding photoshoot wearing red jumpsuits like Manu Heist's characters and a Salvador Dali mask.

Photographer Hafid Cablis did the shoot at the Leia Temple in Cebu City. This temple is believed to bear a resemblance to the Royal Mint of Spain. The 28-year-old couple has always wanted something unique for their pre-wedding shoot. Kwali Cebu is a doctor, while Rolio is a nurse in a critical care unit in London.

Their pre-wedding photoshoot is like a trailer for Money Heist. The net world has been surprised to see that. This video has gone viral on social media. Netizens are making various comments.