Robbie Shastri has informed Dhoni's future in the national team if not IPL


Given the difficult situation that is currently taking place around the world because of the Corona virus, the IPL is virtually impossible at this time. Dhoni's comeback to the national team also came amid questions over the uncertainty of the IPL. The biggest question that arises is how can Dhoni make it to the Indian team in the T20 World Cup that is on Australian soil this year? Because a few days ago, the newly elected Indian cricket team chief selector Sunil Joshi had said that if Dhoni had to replace the national team, then Dhoni would have to perform well in the IPL, otherwise it would be very difficult for Dhoni to comeback. And if IPL does not stand in this situation, then the question of whether Dhoni will get a chance to get on the national team's jersey is in Indian cricket.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was last seen in the national team's jersey against New Zealand in the World Cup semifinal. From then on, Dhoni is sometimes seen walking around with friends, then he is seen training the army. After a long time, the possibility of Dhoni's field was made in the IPL, but the situation that has arisen in the moment of Coroner is almost impossible to say in the IPL. In such a situation, will Dhoni be able to return to the national team jersey? The question is now wandering around the Indian cricket circuit.

Indian cricket head coach Robi Shastri, however, is not thinking about Dhoni's retirement right now, saying he still has a lot of spices to give to the Indian team. Therefore, he urged that Dhoni should not be forced to retire, criticizing Dhoni unnecessarily.

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