Robi Shastri likened the fight against Corona to the greatest World Cup win of all time.


Right now the corona virus is spreading all over the country. The number of coronary attacks in India is increasing day by day. In such a situation, the whole country is fighting unitedly against Corona. Indian cricket team head coach Robbie Shastri likens the Corona epidemic to winning the World Cup. According to Robi Shastri, the malaria virus is the 'Mother of All World Cup'.

In a video message posted on the social media site, the head coach of the Indian cricket team, Robi Shastri, said the fight against Corona was like chasing a dream of winning a World Cup for us Indians. Robbie Shastri said that to win a World Cup, as we all have to sacrifice a lot of ourselves, so will we have to give up so much if we fight against Corona. At the same time, Robbie Shastri said, “If you have to fight the mindset without losing the ball until the last ball of the match, then the match wins, so we have to move forward with a mindless attitude against Corona at the very end.” Only then will we win against this maroon virus.

At the same time, Kohli's headmaster Ravi Shastri said the fight against Corona was not like five other World Cups, it was the greatest World Cup ever. Not just eleven Indians, but 140 million Indians have to fight. According to the Scriptures we will prevail against this maroon virus from home and by maintaining social distance.

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