Robinhood is removing its confetti celebrations ahead of its IPO

Robinhood is reducing out the confetti from its stock investing app, following accusations that the animation helped to “gamify” investing. As an alternative, the firm is introducing new animations that will rejoice trading milestones for users in a a lot more somber way.

The celebratory digital confetti showers have been a controversial part of Robinhood’s application considering the fact that 2016. In the previous, Robinhood has argued that the pleasant capabilities “help investing in good shape simply into people’s lives.” But many others — together with the Massachusetts Securities Division — have argued that the confetti (along with other attributes, like no cost inventory promotions) enable to “gamify” inventory trading for beginner traders who may perhaps not recognize what they are acquiring into.

The less confetti-loaded milestone animation in Robinhood’s app.
GIF: Robinhood

“The confetti is receiving seriously misconstrued, and I consider it’s in fact carrying out the reverse of what we want,” Madhu Muthukumar, senior director of products management at Robinhood, commented to The Wall Avenue Journal. It “seems to have distracted from the objective of the application, which is to make normal persons, each day individuals who have been held out of the industry, come to feel like they can participate and really feel like they are staying positively reinforced for using ways in their monetary everyday living.”

Of program, Robinhood is nevertheless recovering from its involvement in the current wave of “meme shares,” which observed the corporation occur under hearth from end users who had been frustrated when it began limiting trades of common stocks like GameStop and AMC when Reddit people from the r/WallStreetBets subreddit had been frantically trading them.

But Robinhood is planning to go general public, with the organization previously confidentially filing for a forthcoming IPO. Cleansing out any controversial facets of the application — even kinds as seemingly innocuous as confetti celebrations — is a logical transfer to appease foreseeable future buyers.