Robots made of waste material, although not beautiful to look at, you will be surprised to hear the talent


Inspired by the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital India Mission’ and the movie ‘Robot’, Dinesh Patel, a teacher at IIT Mumbai’s Central School, made his own robot. Which is capable of speaking 9 more native languages ​​besides English. The name of this robot made by Dinesh is ‘Shalu’.

The robot ‘Shalu’ can speak 36 more international languages ​​besides the native language. In addition to this, ‘Shalu’ can help someone to think, memorize, calculate and even answer general knowledge. This is not the end. This amazing discovery of Dinesh Patel is also easy to read, recite and express emotions.


You too will be amazed to know how ‘Shalu’, who has so many qualities, was made. Dinesh Trivedi, the creator of ‘Shalu’, said that Shalu is made only of waste material. With discarded plastic, cardboard, wood and aluminum, he created a local ‘shalu’ similar to ‘Sophia’, created by Hong Kong’s Hanson Robotics. Dinesh spent only 50 thousand rupees to make it. And took 3 years.


However, the downside of this ‘Shalu’ is that he is not so beautiful to look at. But teacher Dinesh also pointed out his way. He said it would be nice to see Shalu as soon as someone made a beautiful mask.

On the other hand, in response to the question of what kind of work ‘Shalu’ can be used, Dinesh said that Shalu can be used in more than one job like school teacher, office receptionist. The whole country is applauding Dinesh’s creation. Many are of the opinion that his creation will even become an inspiration to the next generation of scientists.