Rocket Banal is India's first startup company capable of launching multiple satellites into separate orbits


Bangla Hunt Desk: Hyderabad-based startup Skyroot Aerospace has successfully tested the rocket engine 'Raman'. According to a top official of the company, this engine is capable of placing several satellites in separate rooms at once. Founded by a former scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization, Skyroot is building India's first private space launch vehicle.

Pawan Kumar Chandana, co-founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of Skyroot, said, ‘We showcased India’s first 100 per cent 3 D-printed bi-propeller liquid rocket engine injectors. Its total volume is 50 percent less than the traditional production and the total number of components is less. This engine can be started many times, so this rocket is capable of placing several satellites in separate orbits in one mission. ”

He said the company's two rockets would be ready for launch in six months. The startup has so far managed to raise Rs 31.5 crore. And it aims to raise Tk 90 crore before 2021.