Ronaldinho was finally released from Paraguay jail after being in custody for a long time.


The legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho was arrested last March with a fake passport. He was sent to jail for punishment for the use of fake passports. The photo of Ronaldinho playing Footley inside the jail went viral a few days ago on social media.

However, after being in custody for 32 days, he was finally released from prison in Paraguay. Ronaldinho, however, has to suffer from this discomfort. Since he was released from prison in the aftermath of Corona's terror, Ronaldinho now has to stay in a hotel as House Ernest.

Ronaldinho and his brother were eventually released from jail on conditional compensation of £ 13m. Right now, there is a lockdown going on all over the world because of the horror of Corona. Different athletes have to spend days in detention. Therefore, Ronaldinho will not return home even after being released from jail, he must remain in a hotel in a state of confinement.

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